Hello, I am Poltergeist and I like to polter.
Sometimes I geist, othertimes I polter.
Sometimes I do both together, and if I feel like it, I talk during that.

My name is Stanislav. Hm. I'm just a nobody on the internet, doing every day things. I enjoy music, reading, poetry, video-games.

Some of my favorite bands are ACDC, Guns N Roses, System of a Down, Disturbed, Debauchery, Papa Roach, Buckethead, Lamb of God, Hammerfall. I think that's enough for now.

My favorite author is Aaron Bowden Dembski, check his books out at theblacklibrary.com

I'm a musician, and I've been playing guitar for a little while now.

What else?
Enjoy my blog. Don't be rude.


Oh hey, those bondage cuffs are from Taylor’s Deluxe Wrist and Ankle Cuffs with Blindfold Kit.

I had those in black for awhile. I wonder what happened to them…

The entire set is said to be very comfortable, and a lot less threatening for women who are nervous about using items like a ball / spider / cleave / tape / or medical gag, locks and chains, or metal handcuffs.

And there’s a photo of two attractive women who look like they’re getting ready to be fucked and dominated in a wild and unrestricted bedroom bondage session, and the first thing I notice is what they’re wearing. <_<’

^ lul :D

Posted on 9 August, 2012
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